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Welcome to the  Flowbee Challenge

What is the Flowbee Challenge?

We make the best vacuum haircutting system in the market and we make it right here in the USA.  Not quite ready to choose Flowbee over a competitor? We suggest you buy them both and send back the one you do not like! For a real apples to apples comparison, we recommend that you buy our Super Mini Vac.

If you decide the other vacuum hair cutting system is better than the Flowbee, you can return the Flowbee for a full money back refund, shipping included, within 30 days.

All we ask is that you email us that you are returning the Flowbee System, or Flowbee System With Super Mini Vac with a photo of the other vacuum hair cutting system next to the Flowbee you are returning, and proof of purchase of both units. Proof of purchase for both units must be within 30 days, and emailed to us as well.

Enjoy your Flowbee like millions of our happy customers!

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