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Hi my name is William Molley . my story is :    I bought a flowbee hair cutting machine from you. shortly after you had started. what 1992    Well i would just like to say im still cutting my hair 22 yrs later. I cant imagine how much money i have saved in haircuts. Let alone the time to travel to and from a barber and the wait til hes available. I just finished cutting my hair and thought   another great haircut   I wanted to contact you to let you know just what a great product this. I couldnt imagine myself without it.  your welcome to print my story    thanks 22 years later


Guys.. and Gals,

I have been using a Flowbee for 19 years. I got the first one to save time when my first child was born. I didn't have the time to wait at the barber shop. I have been cutting my hair every week with the Flowbee since and it's always the way I want it. Looks great. Given weekly usage after 19 years I am on my third one which still have saved me thousands of dollars and thousands of hours. In the near future I am going to order two which, given luck, will get me through to when I am bald and it won't matter anymore.

Gregg M. Gallatin


From: Stan -Beacon Electronics

Hi Flowbee-

May I join the praise of your wonderful product?

When I was young, I always wondered why clippers couldn’t work with a vacuum the way Flowbee does. When I first saw your ad, ten years ago, I thought: Wow-somebody figured it out! I ordered, mostly out of curiousity, but when I got the Flowbee in my hands and saw the clever design, I knew at once that it would work. And it did! I have never been to a barbershop since then. I’ve dedicated a small vacuum cleaner to the Flowbee so that it can stay ready all the time. Haircuts take me only 5 minutes start to finish. And to my delight, people say nice things about my haircuts. I’m a little shy, so I never tell them my secret (sorry!). I figure have saved about $2000 in haircut costs, and 120 hours, or about one month, of productive time, since I got the Flowbee. Given that return, I’d say your prices are a giveaway.

Please let me know before you ever stop making this machine. I’ll need a lifetime supply.


From: C.E. Crow

Best bang for the bucks, is the best way to describe my Flowbee. I have been using it for years—the only product I ever owned that has never had one minute of down time, from the day I got it it has never stopped.

Thanks, C.E.Crow