What's everyone else saying?



From: Stan -Beacon Electronics

Hi Flowbee-

May I join the praise of your wonderful product?

When I was young, I always wondered why clippers couldn’t work with a vacuum the way Flowbee does. When I first saw your ad, ten years ago, I thought: Wow-somebody figured it out! I ordered, mostly out of curiousity, but when I got the Flowbee in my hands and saw the clever design, I knew at once that it would work. And it did! I have never been to a barbershop since then. I’ve dedicated a small vacuum cleaner to the Flowbee so that it can stay ready all the time. Haircuts take me only 5 minutes start to finish. And to my delight, people say nice things about my haircuts. I’m a little shy, so I never tell them my secret (sorry!). I figure have saved about $2000 in haircut costs, and 120 hours, or about one month, of productive time, since I got the Flowbee. Given that return, I’d say your prices are a giveaway.

Please let me know before you ever stop making this machine. I’ll need a lifetime supply.


From: C.E. Crow

Best bang for the bucks, is the best way to describe my Flowbee. I have been using it for years—the only product I ever owned that has never had one minute of down time, from the day I got it it has never stopped.

Thanks, C.E.Crow


US Mail:

From: David

My name is Dave. I have had my Flowbee since they first came out 9-10 years. People always ask me who cut my hair & when I tell them I use a Flowbee some don't even know what i am talking about. So I have educted a few of them a handed out a couple harriet carter catalogs for them to buy there own. I jus bought my second one just in case my first one breaks down. Though it has never happened yet.

Thank you for the great product.



From: marquee

I just used my new Flowbee for the first time and I have to tell you, this is the best haircut I’ve ever had. I’m 46 years old and I dread going to the barber because they just can’t seem to get it right. I was skeptical at first about using your product but not any more. It’s amazingly easy and fun! I wish I would have bought it sooner. My hair came out perfect and couldn’t be happier!! Thank you!


From Sue & Family

To Whom it may concern:

I just found out you have a website and I just had to write. I have owned my Flowbee since its original offering in 1991. I have two children (boys) and my husband who have been receiving Flowbee haircuts since that time. I give each one of them a haircut at least once a month and to many of my friends too, and I just cannot tell you how much we love your product. My fear for years now has been that you'd quit making this product and I'd have to take the kids and my husband to a salon for haircuts! I turned this product onto a friend of mine a few years ago and she too loves her Flowbee and mentioned to me she just found your website. I was needing a new part and she shared with me to go to your website. So here I am visiting your website to order new blades, the only part I've had to service or give any attention to in 9 years! I love Flowbee. Thank you for this product and may you be around forever!



US Mail:

From: Noah,

Dear Sir or Madam,

In December of 1999, I returned my Flowbee to be reconditioned. Several months elapsed before I contacted you to find out when my unit was to be shipped. We were all surprised to learn that you had in fact sent me my reconditioned unit the week after it had arrived at your facility. At that time, you kindly sent me a new unit as a replacement. I was recently contacted by UPS who indicated that they had tracked the missing package to a neighbor's house and were in the process of retrieving the errant package. I can't believe that one of my neighbors would hold on to a package clearly addressed to me for several months. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. Thanks to your good faith , I am now in possession of 2 Flowbee units, of which one clearly belongs to you. I have returned this Flowbee with the additional tools kit you were kind enough to send. Thank you for doing all the right things to resolve a bad situation. You have earned my loyalty both through the quality of your product and the caliber of your service.





From: Carol

Hi Guys,

Well, here I am. What has to be the most satisfied customer you have. I have used the Flowbee for years. Worn out one, started using the one I got for my dogs and now, it's about ready for the bone yard. People got a kick (they still do) when I told them how I got my great haircut. I just smile and say "whatever, it works". Dud! My sis-in-law laughed the loudest until she called one day and begged me to cut her hair for her. She ordered one and now cuts the whole family's hair. I am a Flight Attendant for American Airlines (39 yrs.) and I even have passengers ask where I got my hair cut. Needless to say, their mouths drop open when I tell them "I cut it myself" then of course, I tell them how. My Flowbee and vacuum cleaner. What a gas. I have seen the Flowbee at Wal-Mart on occasion. Are they sold anywhere but mail order? My first one cost 99.95. Ordered it off TV late one night. I can't say enough great things about it. Keep up the good work and don't stop making them, please. Meanwhile, I'm going to need one. Almost out of oil too. Appreciate a reply at your convince.


Carole Sanders

President & Director




From: Mike

Hello Flowbee!!!

I was channel surfing today and saw an Infomerical about the Flowbee, The ad said that the Flowbee is 7 years old. I have had mine over 6 years and we just love it my son who is 11 now hated haircuts before the Flowbee ever since never an ichy hair problem. The only repair we have done was to replace the rubber vaccum adapter once and that was just a few months ago. I estimate we have used the Flowbee 1000 times. We enjoy your product and espically the Dollars saved if you figure $10.00 per cut. I paid $80.00 for the unit.

Thanks for a great product,

Mike Thompson




From: Felix

I have been using your system for just about 10 years. I take care of the unit as described in your manual. Now let me tell you more. I love the FLOWBEE and what it does. It is easy to use and the job is fantastic. I have recommend it use to others and at least 24 people have taken my lead and bought the product. I keep my hair cut exactly the way I like it and the grooming looks like a really fine pair of shined shoes.

Keep up the good work. I think a small intro on how to trim would make it easy for beginners. It take me 10 minutes from start to finish to do all of the cutting and trimming and I can not say enough....


US Mail:

From: Elaine

Dear Manufactures of the Flowbee: I've just used the Flowbee for the first time. It really does what you said it would. I have curly hair and even hair stylists don't uncerstand it. I've paid lots of money for terrible hair cuts. As far as I'm concerned, that nighrmare is over! Besides getting a great hair cut my bathroom is clean-no mess at all. Thank you for a great product and again for a being honest. I ordered things by mail a lot-and have been dissapointed in the past-but this product has reallymade my day! Forever Greatful Elaine.



From: Sondra

I have had a Flowbee system for about five years and I cannot tell you the time and money I have saved using this product. People just laugh at us when we tell them about it but it is the best product in the world. It is so convenient. We used to HATE going to the barber shop and wasting hours there. I could not do without it. It sounds a little weird when you explain it to people but my two teenage sons and my husband love the convenience of it. I just wanted you to know...






HI- juast wanted you to know that i am probably your most satisfied customer.I bought my Flowbee within the first months of informercial when the product wasaround $120.00 Have saved more than that in haircuts. I finally purchased a new Flowbee- I love the improved attachment for the vacuum cleaner!!!!!

Thanks Flowbee.